Monday, November 6, 2023

Serenity By Silvia Blaser




Silvia Blaser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I remember back in the early part of this century artists like Deuter and Terry Oldfield reigned supreme with their calming flute reveries, while times seems to pass ever so slowly, new artists come into vogue, while the two aforementioned giants are still releasing music to this day, I believe the name of Silvia Blaser must be now placed in the same playground of music peace.

Blaser is without doubt one of the finest new age styled performers of her day and tracks like this latest single Serenity just totally emphasize that entirely. The gentle and touching presentations of Silva Blaser have become mellower, more tranquil, and a healing refrain can be felt through her music, so much so that her compositions are ones that could be left on repeat for hours and bliss would pour out over the globe.

Serenity is a soothing musical narrative, from the gentle natural sounds, to the simply delectable flute that drifts its harmonic resonance across an ocean of calm and beyond. This is what top quality instrumental music is all about, and performed by a musician who just keeps on getting better and better with each passing composition. I must also give a shout out to Tom Bailey, who provided the backing track for this new single, which was mixed and mastered by François Rocheleau. Serenity by Silvia Blaser is truly a moment of flute magic you must not miss out on.

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