Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Light in the Dark By Antonio Miguel Pérez


A Light in the Dark


Antonio Miguel Pérez

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is nothing the world needs now more than hope, hope that our fears may fade, hope that love wins over hate, and hope that lights up the entire world in a rhapsody of peace and respect, this brand new single by Antonio Miguel Pérez may well offer all of the above with its all empowering narrative entitled, A Light In The Dark.

The moving orchestration and powerful piano set the direction of this deeply commanding composition; this is a movement of the ages, a rally cry of future possibilities, and of course the aforementioned hope, the string sections are always going to lend a little retrospectivity into the proceedings, and the composer manifests that perfectly.

A Light in the Dark is an arrangement that illustrates our deepest desires for a peaceful life, and the emotive segments of the dance between both piano and orchestration in a symbiotic pastiche of brilliance, is truly compelling; this one has to be a big future hit for the creator, and maybe even a track that needs to be taken seriously for the big or small screen.

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