Sunday, November 26, 2023

Friendly Planet By Hanslik & Moniz Experiment


Friendly Planet


Hanslik & Moniz Experiment

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The new offering from Hanslik and Moniz is a prime example of electronic music meets guitar, the resulting compilation of tracks is a superbly crafted Avant guard, almost new electronica and ambient work of genius.

Friendly Planet is a collection of totally addictive arrangements; the title track opens the release and this is but one of six fine portraits of skilled brilliance for us all to enjoy. The mixture of synths and guitar here gift us a combination of music that is literally a selection of works of art in a musical gallery to be admired, the entire composition sets the scene for the unfurling of pieces like Channelling Siri, a track that even though just over 4 minutes long, reminded me of US electronic musician Forrest Smithson in content and style.

The crafted textures of the next offering On Shore Eddie, were so light and ambient and easy to dive into, it was a true pleasure to listen to, especially the fine guitar work by Moniz in the early stages of the composition, those string based moments of magic were matched amazingly with an incredibly hypnotic electronic keyboard performance, one that was almost John Carpenter in style at times, and yes, this would indeed be my favourite piece off the release.

As we take a tentative foot inside the second half of the album we come across a track that is a work of art within itself, and called We Are Your Friends. I found a defined energetic elevation here that was most attractive to listen to; this offering was for me the very real essence of the album, and the experimental nature of this track was deeply fascinating, as both synths and guitar formed a symbiotic partnership here that was incredibly addictive.

We find ourselves knocking on the door to the penultimate offering of the album called Meadow. This piece had a certain mysterious quality about its construction that I found most appealing, and there were certain aspects of the guitar here that worked so beautifully with Hanslik’s keyboards and synths.

This set things up perfectly for the last offering, the short form composition of Drifting gave us the conclusion to the project and done so cleverly that it could have easily been expanded time wise, but would turn out to be a text book finish, allowing us, the ever eager listener to exit what has been a wonderful journey through the realms created by the artists Hanslik and Moniz.

Friendly Planet by the Hanslik & Moniz Experiment is one of those albums you can sit and watch the day go by to and feel totally fulfilled by the experience; for me it was a talented collection of classy electronic and guitar performances, some incredibly inventive and personally for me being a guitarist, at times quite inspiring, I would love to have a go at creating something like this. If you wish an album to enthral you and fascinate you many times over, then you really need to buy Friendly Planet.

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