Thursday, November 23, 2023

Watercolors By Mark Barnes



Mark Barnes

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a colourful gentleness to this latest Mark Barnes release that has to be applauded, the calming content and wonderful use of pause doubly so, Barnes has become one of the most creative keyboardists around, and his textures on this brand new single are to be completely admired.

Watercolors has to be Mark’s most tranquil single thus far, and it is this I simply adore about its construction, there is an almost dream like quality to this new release that is so pleasurable, whilst listening, one may drift to gaze at the works of one of the great painters in this medium in Matisse, or perhaps the driving source of impressionism in Claude Monet, whose use of light in his great works, which is where I feel that Barnes has gone with this most delightful of manifestations.

The entire track flows, drifts and returns to its base, akin to the sway of a lily pad on a late summer lake in September. It is a piece full of texture and promise, colour and light, and in my view perhaps one of the most artistic offerings ever by the musician, with that being said I can see this being another hit in the charts for the ever popular artist, its timeless reverie is bound to encapsulate many fans of truly good instrumental music, and so it should.

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