Thursday, November 16, 2023

Dawn By Sonya Haramis




Sonya Haramis

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Creating songs about the Dawn is more than just sitting down at the keyboard; here Sonya has clearly sat in the early hours of a morning and said to herself, I must create a song about this beautiful time of day, when nature rules and mankind is still in its late slumbers of regeneration.

From that point, we sit, we listen, we smell the dawn, we immerse ourselves in it, we enjoy the moment no matter how fleeting, then we are ready to compose. Haramis has allowed her early morning muse to manufacture something quite honest and real, the flowing synth pads add weight to the bird sound and stillness that abounds within this arrangement.

In a way this song reminds me of some of the early new age music artists like Mike Rowland, but also newer references could be found within the work of artists like Anaya, and this is a first, even myself with my early morning swimming track The Healing Pool.

Regardless, this is a most enjoyable offering from Sonya, one that has a truly attractive melody, and one that lightens ones spirits, before the haze of modern day living drops onto the lands of peace and tranquillity we have just had the pleasure of enjoying. I can see this one becoming a bit of a hit in the charts and on Atmospheric music shows and playlists.

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