Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Across A Veiled River By Anantakara


Across A Veiled River



Written by

Steve Sheppard


This latest release by Anantakara has to be the most detailed and in depth work ever by the artist, the title of this new wonder work is Across A Veiled River, and contained inside are 9 simply amazing and fascinating works of electronic wizardry; I’ve always been a fan of the musicians work, but this album seals the deal for me.

We can start with the gentle openings of the first track in Nothing Really Ends, a soothing first few moments soon morphs into a rhythmic pastiche of tones and colours, whilst pieces like All Those Days Down There highlight the creators artistic flair and deliberate patience, as we are gifted a near on 8 minute opus of build, progression and mysterious wonderment, the syncopation of the synth work here is utterly sublime.

We can also listen to the keyboards in piano mode on tracks like Forgiven Not Forgotten, a track that reminds me of early Al Gromer Khan without of course the sitar in parts, and then compositions akin to the addictive and tentative Feeling Safe In This Rift, a beautifully arranged and produced golden nugget of textured electronic mastery.

The penultimate offering is a track entitled Letting Go, Finding Light, again the artist explores new musical narratives and manifests an offering that drifts on the warm winds of the western oceans, and floats in and out like the tides of time itself, this is one of those tracks that you will find yourself coming back to many times over, maybe to catch all those wonderful electronic nuances you missed the first time around.

The concluding musical narrative is the deep waters of the piece entitled The Other Shore In Sight. A track that contains a lighter energy of sorts and in an almost chill out vibe style, this piece then experiments and explores, and then creates a gentle coda with its final parting.

Across A Veiled River by Anantakara is in my view the artists best work thus far, each composition is created in such depth that it demands to be listened to with a keen ear and an open mind. Here is an album with sumptuous textures, and crafted artistry, a very classy work has been created here indeed, and any electronic musician fan or even musician should be proud to have Across A Veiled River by Anantakara in their collections.

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