Friday, June 11, 2021

Wild Threads By Wind Weaver


Wild Threads


Wind Weaver

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I found myself in need of some solace this sunny afternoon in June, and as usual, I would find that within music, but the album that chilled my senses and calmed my thoughts, would be a flute based compilation of smooth and serene arrangements entitled Wild Threads.

The gentle opening offering entitled Summer Clouds was the perfect place to start this recovery, and this charming composition was idyllic and totally fit for purpose. The sweetness of the flute on this track alone created a beautiful backdrop of tone to relax to.

Wind Weaver is the duo of Terry Mack (Flute) and Paul Bezooyen (Acoustic Guitar) and on this next track we hear that very combination bring us something that held for me certain Middle Age energies within its lush constraints, it is entitled Enchanted. One could see with ease a princess walking through the greenwoods of England to this melody.

Bezooyen strikes the opening few notes on this next piece, before Mack joins the dance to a lively number called Coming Home. A song that contains a wonderfully happy narrative to its progression, this is music to make you smile with ease.

Fluid Ooze was a truly interesting creation, a fluent vibrant flute in absolute symbiosis with an almost Middle Eastern percussive beat. The rhythmic nature of this track made it incredibly addictive to listen to; this would be one that the melody would run on loop within my mind unceasingly for the next few hours.

As we move towards the middle part of the album we come across a short form piece entitled Sundance, this light and warming performance brought a wonderful sensitivity to the release, and one that I utterly enjoyed, again Mack’s presentation on flute was truly charming and incredibly clear and natural.

May we once more touch the hem of the 16th century; mayhap we can do this with the track Jesters Feast. The lively and excitable energies of this piece are performed craft-fully by Mack’s sublime playing, while Bezooyen creates a rhythmic narrative that is utterly compelling.

We now move to the track entitled Ariel Wandering, which also happens to be the longest offering on the album, we can make use of that extra time by enjoying the almost folk styled performance on guitar by Bezooyen, while Mack’s flute drifts energies of a Native feel across the skies of this quite beautiful offering.

The title track is up next and of course I am referring to Wild Threads, the guitar manifests something quite moving and reflective at times, there is also a real late 60’s early 70’s feel to this presentation as well, I have to admit this makes it even more appealing, one can get lost in the theme and narrative of the song by flowing with the colourful melodic structures.

We have swum with great care into the deeper waters of the album, and as we do so we have arrived at a gateway to another track entitled Welcome, there is something so warm about this performance, and it just makes you smile at its simplistic beauty. The acoustic guitar never sounded better, the steel strings create a natural feel to the presentation, which manifested a safe arm around the shoulder musically, well done mister Paul Bezooyen for this classy solo performance.

The penultimate offering is upon us and it would turn out to be one of my personal favourites from the album. Moonlit Reflections is the perfect dreaming flute performance by Terry Mack, adding natural sounds to the composition was stroke of mastery, and one that helped manifest a beautifully angelic solo flute arrangement.

The final piece off the album is entitled Elemental Chant; this brings back a few memories for me, but that’s another story entirely. Here Mack and Bezooyen combine sublimely for one last track; it is the perfect piece that sums up this wonderfully fluent and melodic nature based album of outstanding natural beauty.

Wild Threads by Wind Weaver is an album of pure quality from two musicians who clearly known their trade, and just love to show it. The perfect symbiotic partnership has created here an album of 11 artistic and serene songs, all with a sensitive natural touch, and a lot of care and attention to detail. Wild Threads by Wind Weaver would be a very valuable addition to you music collection, a collection of soothing musical narratives to ease the soul and pacify the mind without doubt.


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