Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Music Portraits By John Albert Thomas


Music Portraits


John Albert Thomas

Written by

Steve Sheppard


John Albert Thomas is a pianist with an abundance of grace and definition, hearing him play is like watching a new grown flower open for the first time in spring. Here on his latest release entitled Music Portraits we have a sparkling new collection of tracks that bring a fresh sense of vibrancy to the seasons ahead.

Streams of Grace is the perfect place to start and this colourful musical narrative is picture perfect in its composition, and its embracing the craft of major and minor is simply idyllic to hear.

This is a lush 11 track collection of fluent solo piano, with radiant pieces like Blue in the Water, a track that has both depth and passion, whilst the apprehension of the mood in Life on Rails, perhaps gives us another glimpse into the artist’s musical mind, a track that is as creative as the day is long.

Music Portraits is a wonderfully full flowing album, and compositions like Light of Dawn are a fine example of his prowess on the keys, this charming and deeply sensitive performance is my personal favourite from the album, I could leave this on repeat for hours and never get bored.

The final offering on the release is entitled Legacy of Love, a very fascinating and interesting parting gift indeed, I found something quite emotive about this track, and also a sense of an anthem like energy too, which made this one for me, simply the best track to conclude this collection of fine songs with.

Music Portraits by John Albert Thomas probably takes the prize for the most reflective solo piano album I have heard this year so far, the waves of tenderness, care and attention to the finest detail by the artist here, were so wonderful to hear, and as such your life would be all that more enriched with a copy of Music Portraits by John Albert Thomas in it.


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