Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Epochal By Matias Bacoñsky




Matias Bacoñsky

Written by

Steve Sheppard


One of the things one tries to do as a musician is to improve and constantly move forward as an artist constantly, improve, expand and grow. Matias Bacoñsky has done all of those and more since I first came into contact with the artist back in 2016, through his album Life And Death, and since then he has raised the bar with each and every release, his new album Epochal is yet another a brand new outstanding work of genius to enjoy.

Each and every musical journey you take on this album is a soundtrack all of its own, take for example the powerful and passionate The Immortal, a single from last year, and a piece to raise every hair on your body.

One of my personal favourites from this brilliant new offering would be the composition entitled Reason to Believe, a fast paced Lord of the Rings styled cinematic opus of grandeur. Then I realised I was spoiled for choice when I fell head long into the realm of Light on the Horizon, symphonic and emotive, but also incredibly empowering and entertaining.

If you like you music as a soundtrack to your day, or a surge in film score melodies that literally make you tremble, then this album is for you. Tree of Life is a gentle starting narrative that builds with perfection to excitement, while the concluding composition is a sublime finishing arrangement, and one that contains such a wonderfully grand orchestral climax, and includes the vocal talents of the stunning Marina La Torraca within the composition.

I believe I can truly state that through Epochal, I have now listened to best work thus far from pianist and composer Matias Bacoñsky. Film makers please be on notice, here is an artist’s work that is surely destined for soundtrack work, his performances, constructions and compositions, are sublime and utterly transcendent, and that makes this album so very easy to recommend.

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