Friday, June 25, 2021

Emergence From Awai By Hiroki Okano


Emergence From Awai


Hiroki Okano


Steve Sheppard


The testament of any truly good long form opus is that you will lose yourself in the work and time will become a mere irrelevancy, that has just happened to me, I sat to review Emergence From Awai (Music for Helio Compass) by Hiroki Okano and near enough 28 minutes from the 49 plus minutes of the album had passed, and forever into a state of dimensional meditative bliss.

This isn’t the first time the skill set of the master of compositional genius, one Hiroki Okano has done this, a similar occurrence happened on his last album Quantum Leap Breeze (another Helio Compass album). Here on this wonderful new offering we are gifted almost 50 minutes of the best global ambience you are ever like to find.

The serene qualities of this album are beautifully performed and produced, and Okano’s sensitive presentations which included natural sounds and of course his delightful flute, create here, something to completely relax and even meditate to.

The artist is joined by the sublime genius of Akira Ikeda, and both go onto paint a wondrous tapestry of work that illustrates among others, a year in the world, planetary alignments, and much more, all the music within this release is also in a perfect symbiotic harmony with nature, and the very spirit of the most beautiful planet we are graced to live upon, and whom we should pay a lot more respect too.

I’m now on my second listen in a row to this masterful long form gift called Emergence From Awai by Hiroki Okano, and it is still true that time just floats past with the grace and posture of a late summer wind, whilst opening the heart and mind to this most amazing of musical experiences.

I must say that I have enjoyed the music, understood the message of a truly transcendent creation of, Emergence From Awai by Hiroki Okano, as I hope you will have done as well, this is one to buy, this is something so beautiful that you will just adore this creation to be part of your life too, as it will bring that essence of peace back into your existence, by manifesting your own global musical sanctuary for you, a truly remarkable album indeed.

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