Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Peace Valley By Michael Borowski


Peace Valley


Michael Borowski

Written by

Steve Sheppard


For me the name of Michael Borowski was new, but after listening to the glorious refrains of Peace Valley by the artist I am very glad I did so and very glad to have come into contact with the artists music, Borowski brings a wonderful slice of ambience to the table of the ever packed solo piano genre, and does so, I may add, with such style too.

I felt particularly moved by the performance on the opening track Firefly; the gentle opening to this composition was beautifully crafted and wonderfully played, so much so that by the latter half of the piece Borowski elevated the intention and intensity just a little, a moment of magic that added so much to an already beautiful arrangement.

Peace Valley is like a self-contained bubble of life and flow, it is 12 tracks of fluent and picturesque narratives of full flowing piano based music, an example of that is the abundant radiance that lays in the arms of the piece Arches, or perhaps one could simply drift into the calming waters of the title track Peace Valley, a stunning and attractive presentation, and by his performance he sums up the tranquillity and serene qualities of the entire project brilliantly.

One of the most melodic pieces from the album is Morning Cycle; this is one of those tracks you could upload to your device of choice, hop on your bike, and allow this wonderful melody to be your soundtrack for your day time perambulations, a lovely piece indeed, and a sublime way to conclude the album.

Peace Valley the debut album by Michael Borowski is indeed one of those solo piano albums I was very happy to come across today, it has brightened my mood and lifted my spirits. The artist’s clear, crisp, but sensitive performances, in my view have created a solo piano album that really needs to be taken seriously, listened to with respect, and enjoyed with an open heart, it is transcendent and thoroughly recommended.

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