Thursday, May 9, 2024

We Are Angels By Faith Rumer & David Vito Gregoli


We Are Angels


Faith Rumer & David Vito Gregoli

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A new genre is manifesting from the devotional and inspirational ranks of musical plenitude, some called it New Age Pop, some New Age Vocal, regardless this is a powerful statement now being made in the business, and one that must be listened to at all costs, We Are Angels by Faith Rumer & David Vito Gregoli is but one of those offerings, and certainly one that stands out with a musical prowess that is very impressive.

Equally as impressive on this new song is the vast array of instrumentation used upon it, but why am I not surprised, as David Vito Gregoli is one of the finest multi-instrumentalists in the business, and on We Are Angels Rumer has that background that has been birthed solidly in the high end of the market, featuring stints with bands like Earth Wind and Fire and Rod Stewart in some of the biggest stages in the world, here is a singer who has power, poise and intent.

The song builds to perfection and Rumer’s vocals that are so passion filled and poignant to lead us to a potential of a promised land called hope, and in doing so they shine like a beacon through the mists of fear that now envelop this globe,. This is a masterful new single that indeed manifests an energy of the so called New Age Pop genre that we foresaw coming a while ago, and even touching on the hem of a soft rock styled opus, not to far removed from bands like Heart and the vocals of Ann Wilson.

We Are Angels by Faith Rumer & David Vito Gregoli is a song that has hit written all over it, and I have every faith that this beauty of an emotive release is going to power up the charts with ease, this is one of those songs that is totally undeniable.

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