Thursday, May 2, 2024

Pink Moon Magic By Adelynn Shan Lee


Pink Moon Magic


Adelynn Shan Lee

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are times when you need a little solitude, a slice of peace, perhaps a meditative sanctuary that you can reside within and just be solidly in the moment, solo flute tracks of a high quality such as Pink Moon Magic by Adelynn Shan Lee can help you achieve that goal.

I have long adored truly good solo flute artists, from Nigel Shaw, to Rodrigo Rodriguez from Deuter to Hiroki Okano; each have a special place in my musical heart, and for bringing me locations of tranquillity and sanctuaries of the soul, this new single from Adelynn Shan Lee called Pink Moon Magic would fit nicely among those luminaries.

Those beautifully lush tones of the artists flute seem to drift over far away landscapes, and manifest an almost meditative vibrational tone as it goes, this is high class solo flute performed by someone who most certainly feels every nuance of her creation.

Pink Moon Magic by Adelynn Shan Lee is a stunningly haunting, yet riveting composition, and to prove the point I listened to it four times in a row before I had realised. This is music to manifest a place of solitude where the mind can unwind and be at peace and just breathe, this is top notch work from Adelynn and as such deserves to be a huge hit.

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