Thursday, May 30, 2024

Koto Banjai By Fred Grenot


Koto Banjai


Fred Grenot

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Fred Grenot in a short time has become known as one of the finest New Age instrumentalists of his kind, I personally have much respect for him; his travels and his progression in all things and here in the realm of music are remarkable, as he excels once more with this his latest single Koto Banjai.

It’s been quite a journey for Fred, and this new song is I believe a seminal moment in his career, a time when the gears shift upwards and onwards to ever wondrous heights of musical excellence yet to come.

This new release also marks for us the first time we have ever heard the singing voice of Fred Grenot, and one must say what a good voice that is too. This new composition contains an eastern flavour of multi-instrumental meditative and contemplative energies, it flows so beautifully with organic instrumentation and natural sounds of peace and tranquillity, perhaps to emphasise the message in the song, of a oneness for all, of a peace that is just a heartbeat away.

Koto Banjai by Fred Grenot is one very beautiful song; it is I believe his most sincere and most loving composition as of yet, and in my view this matches perfectly his instrumental works of great healing and calm, and I thoroughly believe that this new single can be a whole new launching point for the artist and one creation that you must at all costs have in your collections.

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