Thursday, May 2, 2024

Eclosion (Emerging from the Chrysalis) By Craigology


Eclosion (Emerging from the Chrysalis)



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Craigology is back with a brand new single and this one is as charming as an October sunset, it is packed with uplifting refrains and grows with each passing measure in what must be the artist’s best release thus far and called Eclosion (Emerging from the Chrysalis).

The performance contained within is spot on the subject matter; the slow and cautious start begins to evolve into a more confident piece, the delicacy of the piano is won over by the added orchestration and a symbiosis of tone is created.

This is incredibly well thought out for such a short form release, the course is set for the crescendo to be a victory for the life form, but the progression from chrysalis has to be spot on and Craigology does it with such style and panache, so much so a full orchestral delight herald’s the concluding emergence with an almost regal posture of a truly grand nature, and all in 138 seconds!

I believe this to be the best work thus far from the artist and I believe fans of good instrumental music and emerging neo classical countenances such as this, will be both enthralled and extremely pleased with Eclosion (Emerging from the Chrysalis) by Craigology, it is brilliant.

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