Thursday, May 23, 2024

Fragile By Jim Kimo West & David Vito Gregoli




Jim Kimo West & David Vito Gregoli

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Combing the talents of Jim Kimo West & David Vito Gregoli is a recipe for something magical to happen, adding to that a new version of the Sting classic Fragile doubly so. This pairing could be described as two of the finest instrumentalists around within their respective genre of instrumental music, but on this new release, they push the musical envelope and go even further, on one of the most exciting guitar based segments this year.

The Latin aspects of this new single from the pairing are simply idyllic, especially as we head into another long hot summer, but the symbiotic styles and methodology created here is utterly intoxicating, and both guitarists give there all on an incredibly passionate offering.

Jim Kimo West is a legend in the field of laid back slack key music; in fact he is a Grammy winner, matching him up with David Vito Gregoli, a sublime guitarist himself, an excellent all round multi-instrumentalist, and with ease one of the best producers of instrumental new age music on the globe, was always going to be an exciting happening.

The mixture of vibrancy textures and rhythmic flow must surely create a huge chart hit for the duet and as such make Fragile by Jim Kimo West & David Vito Gregoli a summer hit we will never ever forget.

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