Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Euphorical by LMI



by LMI

Written by

Andy Rogers


It’s always great when you receive a track from an artist you have never heard of, which then turns out to be something a little bit special! LMI is a new name to me, indeed I believe this is possibly their debut release.

If like me you have always loved those classic early Café Del Mar chillout albums that were released before “chillout” albums became a tired cliché, you’re going to love this single. In my opinion it would sit comfortably on one of those wonderful early Café Del Mar albums.

The chilled mood is set from the off as the track starts with a dreamy female voice layered over gentle synths before a chilled almost hip-hop rhythm is added to the mix. Drums and a guitar pattern move the track along in this chillout groove before more vocals take it up a notch. The overall feel is very much Ibiza sunset Beach Bar, it’s easy to imagine this playing as you sip a cold beer watching a Mediterranean sunset! The single fades gently after 3 minutes and ends with one last vocal sample that leaves you longing to hear more.  

This is an excellent new single and it’s really good to hear young new artists working in the field of chillout music, to produce something that acknowledges the past, while at the same time bringing something new to the genre. All in all, I love this track, hope it does well and really hope to hear more from LMI in the very near future.

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