Thursday, May 16, 2024

New Beginnings By Keith Fiala


New Beginnings


Keith Fiala

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The smooth refrains of a smooth Jazz album float over my senses and bath my mind with a soothing pastiche of a great vibrancy of colours, textures and rhythms, and I am glad to say that has all been provided by one of the finest trumpet performers in the business in Keith Fiela, and his brand new album New Beginnings.

This is first full album of his own work and it is stunning, a light funky beat can be found on tracks like Hollywood & Vine and Cityscape, both tracks so very redolent of the subject matter and Fiala’s bliss filled trumpet stands supreme on both very sweet offerings, it’s like a monolith of brilliance in a Jazz filled sky of utter quality.

Fiala’s album is packed with sumptuous classy pieces, oozing luxurious textures and tones, just listen to songs like the latest single on She's So Sweet, a rhythmic pastiche of a light funky nature with some purely pristine percussion contained within, and then with a sublime wave of the brass instrument of opulence, we are gifted a welcome moment in a thunderstorm as we walk on the musical road called How Long Can I Wait, the repeating motifs and Fila’s subtle trumpet manifests something very special here indeed.

This is street wise jazz, bathed in the musical bath tub of magnificent vibrational melodies and stylish compositional structures, take in the magic of pieces like Beyond Infinity, a soul driven piece that reminded me of the Isley Brothers when it first opened, but dropped into a fluency so tranquil and cadenced, it is a simple delicacy that is undeniable.

Hats off must go to his band of musical merry men with sterling efforts of grandeur by Johnny Friday on drums, bass from both Tyler Honsel and Lannie Hilboldt, keyboardists Jamie Hilboldt and Arturo Sandoval, and also Dr. Ben Irom, whilst concluding the album we can also give praise to guitarists Marc Lionetti and Ken Berr, who are simply amazing.

The final offering Wits End, has a symbiotic merging of a multi-instrumental nature that is the finest I have heard on any album for many years, it’s a track that crosses genres, and ticks every single musical box along the way, and is utterly delicious whilst doing it

The artist states that this album took 4 years of incredibly hard work and dedication to bring together, and I for one say, Keith it was most certainly worth it brother, New Beginnings is not only a good place to start, it is a superb album, and without doubt the most chilled and fluent compilation of 10 jazz tracks in one place you are ever likely to hear. 

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