Friday, May 17, 2024

Montauk to Mexico By Shambhu and Jeff Oster


Montauk to Mexico


Shambhu and Jeff Oster

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new single by two of the premiere instrumental artists in the new age genre is a true panacea to cure all ills. Shambhu and Jeff Oster combine their skill sets and come up with a stunning new release called Montauk to Mexico, a truly beautiful creation of calm and soul.

Many images of travelling can be drawn upon from this new offering, the sweet tones of Shambhu’s acoustic guitar are matched perfectly by the chilled refrain of Oster’s Flugel Horn, the tale of a long journey of magical grace can be drawn from the picturesque musical narrative created here by this amazing duet of top class musicians.

There are many sublime instrumental singles around at the moment, but I have to be honest, this is one of the best and indeed one of the smoothest creations I have had the pleasure to listen to for absolutely years. There is a sumptuous delicacy about Shambhu’s guitar presentation that makes one tingle; those delicious minor structures are a delight, and Oster’s horn is the mana that would even pacify the Gods of Olympus.

Montauk to Mexico by Shambhu and Jeff Oster is a remarkable composition, and a single that any serious instrumental fusion fan should have in their personal collections at all costs and as such this I believe should sail up the charts on the winds of harmonious tone and vibration.

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