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The Blue Horizon: Suite #2 - The Experience By Richard Goldsworthy


The Blue Horizon: Suite #2 - The Experience


Richard Goldsworthy

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have enjoyed these moments of solitude within the realms of a Richard Goldsworthy piano, for me his music is a timeless reverie of peace, tranquillity and reflective calm, and on this new album we will explore a 6 track release that is as beautiful as a coastal sunset in autumn, and called The Blue Horizon: Suite #2 - The Experience.

Goldsworthy has a sensitivity that few can find on the piano; he manifests ambient structures and breathes life into each pictorial composition, on the opening offering The Experience, this is achieved wondrously with a truly emotive resonance, I could literally feel this piece float towards my reflective senses; I could picture myself down on our coast, and being eternally grateful for the view experienced.

I have been critical of short form piano narratives lately, but those who have come under my musical judicious analysis produce nothing more than compositions that are simply soulless and void of any beauty, here on this album, most of the tracks are in the shorter style, but thankfully many are over three minutes, and I must state that every one of them is a picture of the most perfectly stunning piano you are ever likely to listen to, this is the apex of ambient piano, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Tracks like The Endlessness of Starlight and Finding Home bring a warmth and a compassionate touch into the proceedings; they bring a scene of impressive eye catching vistas, a plethora of heart-warming melodies in such a dazzling and spectacular way, for me personally this is what solo piano compositions should be all about.

On offerings like The Spaces Within we have a delicious narrative that is exploratory and intriguing, this piece had me replaying it over three times, if nothing else to catch all the nuances and tonal structures that I found so very appealing, whilst Your Tenderness, released as single earlier on this year, is still as beautiful now as it was on its initial birth.

The concluding track is the breath taking opus of Spoken Without Words, the gentle soothing performance by the artist gives us the perfect round up offering, a composition that exudes sincerity and kind-heartedness with each passing phrase and measure, its fading coda the sublime finale of crafted mastery.

The Blue Horizon: Suite #2 - The Experience by Richard Goldsworthy is an album to be treasured; it is a compilation of classy compositions to be loved for eternity, a go to album when you need reassurance that all will be well and that all is as it should be.

Goldsworthy’s performances as a pianist on this album are some of the best I have heard for years; simply put, in my view this album is the breath of fresh air and utter beauty that the genre of solo piano music desperately needed and a must buy at all costs release.  

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