Friday, May 31, 2024

Beautiful One by David Lanz & Kristin Amarie


Beautiful One ft Cameron Stone


David Lanz & Kristin Amarie

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The sensual realities of a new David Lanz single is something to always be in awe of, it’s a thing that gives one great expectations, it’s a gift so vast and all encompassing. Musically Lanz has to be the finest artiste of his multiple genres, and when teamed with his wife Kristin Amarie they have quickly become two of the super powers of the neo-classical category.

On this brand new single entitled Beautiful One, they have brought into the fold a cellist of supreme ability, in Game of Thrones Cellist Cameron Stone, a cello is a mournful and reflective instrument, so combine that with the piano of David Lanz, and the air will crackle with mystical expectation as magic is made.

The moodiness and powerful textures of this amazing creation will bring a tear of emotive passion to the eyes of any listener; it will bring a sigh of unadulterated pleasure from the heart of any music purist, and offer a warm hug to those who miss the tone and timbre of a truly magnificent musical performances.

Beautiful One ft Cameron Stone by David Lanz & Kristin Amarie is most certainly a song that utterly deserves its title; it is an arrangement of utter beauty, its compositional structures have been birthed by the creative and sensitive endeavours of a partnership that is so very musically aware of every subtle nuance required to manifest something of such a high and breath taking quality, and as such this new single deserves all the plaudits it most certainly will get, winter may not yet be coming, but a huge hit most surely is!

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