Thursday, May 16, 2024

Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide) By The Song Gardeners


Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide)


The Song Gardeners

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The Song Gardeners are a prolific band; some may call their music new age, some new age pop, personally I think they are one of the most inventive and artistic bands around in both of those genres, and with this new single Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide), they have trod a path that could well take some of us back to the 60’s.

In a world riddled with war, fear, miss information and ignorance, we need an anthem, and I truly believe that this maybe it, as always on this planet it’s a minority that are spoiling the fruits and glory of life for the majority of us, so yes, lets drop the baggage and send love to everyone.

This new single therefore should be a universal panacea to bring a global truism to Gaia, the flow and energy of the song takes us back to the hippy era with some sublime musicianship, and is the closest that The Song Gardeners have thus far got towards a rock song.

Quality performances can be heard on this mantra of peace and love by Zach Gospe (Mary’s Son) with sublime harmonic vocals; Mike Gospe (Mary’s Husband) on Mandolin, James Butler in the rhythm section, and the guitar from David Scheibner was simply lush and so redolent of the subject matter, and the inter changeable magic that both Gospe and Dunn bring to the table on vocals is of the highest order.

I am totally enamoured with this track and I’m going to play the socks off of it, perhaps we need to hire The Song Gardeners to start a global like event in the same way Geldof did with Band Aid, I’d put my hand up right away to sing on the song, and I am sure Chrissie would too, so please make sure you add this song to a playlist of your choice, better still go online and buy it, it is truly awesome, so make Send Love to Everyone (Heal the Divide) by The Song Gardeners a massive global sensation, it certainly deserves it, and the world needs it now more than ever, this creation needs to be a viral sensation today!

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