Monday, May 6, 2024

Spark [single] By Antonija Pacek Written by Steve Sheppard




Antonija Pacek

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Antonija Pacek has proved she is a fine pianist over many years now, I have been following her progress since 2021, and her style has grown and become more melodic with each passing measure, so it is a pleasure now for me to take a look at her latest offering entitled Spark.

The gentleness of presentation is the first of many noteworthy things to say about this new composition, Spark has a slow but soothing musical narrative that flows like a mountain stream in April, in fact as I listen to this arrangement beautiful visions of lush natural landscapes spawn from my mind’s eye.

Pacek’s infused romantic values also come to the fore here in this most tranquil yet heart-warming of creations, perhaps Spark is the first fragile moments of love aspiring to be more, whatever, this is a fine performance from the pianist, one that I am sure will be adored by the solo piano genre and it’s fans as a whole.

Spark by Antonija Pacek is a solo piano single that lifts the mood and calms the soul, at times reminding one of a love theme from a movie, and at other times an almost meditative segment of blissful peace, regardless I believe that this new manifestation is going to be a big hit for the artist, and so it should be.

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