Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Blue Chill By Douglas Blue Feather


Blue Chill


Douglas Blue Feather

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is always time to relax with music, and a new album is now upon us that it would be prefect to kick back to and enjoy, this one comes from multi award winning Native American flute performer Douglas Blue Feather and his latest album Blue Chill.

This is a soothing collection of fantastic compositions, and all 10 tracks contained within reveal a blissful peace and tranquillity to enjoy in an all too crazy world. The opening creation for example called Heart's Desire, is the perfect starting point for our flute adventure with Douglas, and a more tranquil offering you would not find.

The multi-instrumental nature of this album is also a delight, one can find a balanced well of percussion, fretless bass and pitch perfect flute on tracks like Sweet Feeling and native chants, natural sounds on the harmonic bliss of track four called Lament For a Chief, this one is also emotionally powerful and deeply moving as well.

Douglas has been on our musical radar for some 14 years now and he never ceases to impress with his powerful flute performances, even on the more ambient pieces like Drifting Away, the artist manifests a blanket of tone that is simply delightful and serene, and on the penultimate piece off the release called Bless The Journey, we are given an emotive ride of Native American Flute, with a sensitive and respectful bed of keyboards, then a percussive rhythm takes the offering to a new high on what is one of my favourites from the album.

We can conclude this voyage of majestic flute with the title track of the album Blue Chill, with its chill-out styled beat and its rhythmic bass work; this was a superb way with which to end the album. There is a beautifully light floating mood about this track that will leave the listener in total harmony, and of course bliss!

Blue Chill by Douglas Blue Feather is 10 tracks of soothing calm and chilled flute vibes to ease those stress lines from the face. Douglas has once again manifested a well of wondrous pieces, which anyone who loves really good instrumental flute music will be in rapture with.

This is a superb album and something the world needs right now more than ever time to chill, so why not do so with this great new album, Blue Chill by Douglas Blue feather.

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