Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Tenkawa: Pilgrimage of the Sacred Sound By Hiroki Okano


Tenkawa: Pilgrimage of the Sacred Sound


Hiroki Okano

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There can be nothing more exhilarating that going to a personal spiritual space that is so ancient and steeped in the energies of the ancestors, to alight ones sense of purpose and ability to create wondrous works of art. This album is the result of just that, and Hiroki Okano’s journey to Tenkawa shrine, the first one created that is dedicated to the god of water and performing artists, was time truly well spent

I was first struck by the sheer beauty of this album; as usual I take a few listens through completely before writing, and through the manifestation of these compositions I felt like I was taken on the journey with Hiroki himself to this most honourable and beautiful location.

Tracks like Topanga Canyon highlight our direction, the natural sounds pave the way as our voyage of discovery begins, this reverie is utterly blissful and deeply meditative in its own right, and as is always the pleasure to say, the artists flute is the creator of much musical magic.

Tenkawa: Pilgrimage of the Sacred Sound is a sojourn of a holy place, a voyage of wonder, and with tracks like Inherited Prayer we can truly feel the resonance of the location, this deeply satisfying solo flute manifestation is hypnotic and all encompassing, allowing us to move through the forests of tone and splendour with ease.

The scene setting sounds of nature are always sublime on an Okano release, as are the harmonic pastiches of brilliance and ambience, and no better track than to reference that, can I honestly hold up high, as the utterly beautiful odyssey of Dreamsphere, here resides an opus of pure serenity, this is the finest example of Okano’s flute mastery for all to enjoy.

This 11 track album has much for the listener to wander through and explore, like the open heart of pieces like Starry Forest, or the blissful open plains of compositions like Inherited Prayer 2 - Mother's Song, where one can literally bathe in the springs and streams of eternal love, and the concluding mastery of Kokoro, the final location of our album voyage, a floating gem of tranquillity and peace, a veritable meditative composition of sublime harmonic resonance.

Tenkawa: Pilgrimage of the Sacred Sound by Hiroki Okano is a personal voyage of discovery for the artist, but in doing so, and by bringing this project to its glorious fruition; Hiroki Okano has opened up our eyes and heart once more to his musical charms and positive intentions.  This is an album that has texture, grace, colour and a loving respect, one could not wish for something better to adorn our musical collection with, so with ease I urge you all to make this new release part of your musical lives as well.

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