Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Quietness By Anaya Music




Anaya Music

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so nice to see another release from artist Anaya, now known today more as Anaya Music, this is a refreshing voyage of instrumental music to completely enjoy, music to watch the day unfurl perhaps, and then observe its cadence. Anaya is an inventive creator of sound, and within the realms of this her brand new album entitled Quietness, I personally feel that we have heard her best work come to the fore to date.

Quietness is something I really appreciate, the manifestation of ambience doubly so, and this 13 track collection brings this mood very much to the table, especially with the opening track entitled Home Calmness, something I have a true appreciation for now thanks to the recent pandemic, here Anaya manifests soothing tones and cascades of ear hugging gentle vibrations.

Picture book pieces can also be found here on tracks like Beloved, a gentle repose of keyboards that drifts into us like a peace filled spring tide, or perhaps Angels, this track literally hovers above us in the ether, and its transcendent ethereal harmonies are abundantly beautiful.

Void would be one of my personal favourites off the album, here Anaya creates a reflective mood, one tinged with a little emotion that ebbs and flows as the piece moves ever onward, this one really resonated with me, as did this next piece, another superb creation and another favourite of mine entitled Calmness.

The full flowing keyboards of the artist brought my ears an offering of almost classical delights, this of course is something we all need and the artist’s presentation certainly fits the bill perfectly.

Interestingly enough the album concludes with one of the most powerful creations I think I have ever heard from the musician and called Sword, perhaps this is where the artist is travelling to next, however this clever manifestation starts with an emboldened refrain, but then softens its structures to bless us with the final soothing piece of the album.

I think the creator of this release will be very pleased with its manifestation, as I truly believe that Quietness by Anaya Music, is without doubt the best work of her career thus far, Anaya has brought into this world a fine example of keyboard based instrumental music that hovers between the contemporary and neo classical genres, and conquers them both, and should, if there is any justice in this musical world, be a huge success for the her.

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