Monday, March 13, 2023

Step By Step By Cristian Vivaldi


Step By Step


Cristian Vivaldi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Cristian Vivaldi arrived on my musical radar recently, when he sent us a selection of his music, with the oldest one being A Good Night Kiss, and is without doubt a pianist of great quality and talent, here on this brand new single, the artist has a hot off the press offering entitled Step By Step.

The song itself is a gentle progression on piano that leaves the listener with a warm feeling of comfort and happiness, the presentation on piano by Vivaldi is smooth, fluent and charm filled, and this tender composition will win its way with ease into the hearts and minds of solo piano fans across the globe with ease.

Here resides a tender arrangement and a performance of great beauty and respectful dedication and with each onward movement by the artist, Cristian Vivaldi is winning his way into the lives and ears of the listener, Step By Step.

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