Thursday, March 23, 2023

Open Window By Michelle Qureshi


Open Window


Michelle Qureshi

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Michelle Qureshi is one of the most aware and in the moment artists I know, her creations always create great visuals in my mind of her present moment, those little segments of the day that most would not even notice, the flight of a single bird, the dust dancing in the sunlight, an errant cloud passing by on high, here Michelle presents to us her latest masterful composition, a single called Open Window.

Qureshi manifests with her guitar and a gentle backdrop of sound, a simply idyllic creation, one that roots us firmly in the present right along with her, the acoustic nature of this track gives us an organic feel, and that is simply perfect for a song of this style, her pace fluency and intent are set to perfection, and we are gifted just over three minutes of some of the most creative and soothing ambient guitar possible, here lies a sure fire hit for the artist, and a composition that literally opens up the windows, and blows away the cobwebs of stagnation.

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