Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Before Completion By Anantakara


Before Completion



Written by

Steve Sheppard


For me personally, it is always a pleasure to go on a journey through the masterful labyrinths of an Anantakara album, as an electronic musician myself, sojourns like this give me great inspiration, and as a listener a moment to step away from the real world, and wonder around this virtual modern art gallery of the artists creation.

Before Completion is the musician’s latest manifestation and it is a splendid realm to spend some time in, the tone and timbre of tracks like the opening piece Encounter Of The Fifth Type are literally a wonder world of electronic craft and artistic endeavour.

From that perspective we can wonder where we shall voyage to next, and this location we can now find in the track After The Rain, which would turn out to be one of my personal favourite from the album, the effects on headphones alone were stunning, and the flute styled sound that hovered from the synths created a landscape of calm, in a singular sense of the word.

Another step through the mists of this release and we come across a composition called Flowering Up The Heart, in its early efforts there was something very Harold Budd about this creation, and that cannot be a bad thing, the repetitive piano sound took us by the hand to a shift in energies at just over a minute and a half, into a more mysterious electronic pathway.

There was a textured ambience mixed with a little Berlin styled EM in this next offering entitled Fulfil Your Fate, both components were beautifully matched, and the juxtaposition and onward progression of this creation is something to truly behold, a fine example indeed of a piece of multiple layers and parts, all being brought together for the whole, this was one of the most creative tracks off the album in my view.

We are about to reach the centre point of the album, we can do this by listening to Feeling The Flow, the artists freedom to experiment comes into play here as we have a brass styled opening to the track, before we gaze at the tapestry of electronic sounds and energies that now reside around us in their entirety.

The ethereal flow of this next track was simply sublime; the piece in question was the entitled In Her Open Eyes, this is one of those arrangements that draws you in gently, and before you realise the tempered beat and flowing synths has nipped in behind you and closed the doorway to this particular dimension, here once more lies a piece that is a masterful example of build and progression within an arrangement.

It’s time to take a chance now as we bathe ourselves in the sonic sounds of this next creation entitled Take Your Leap, once more a gentle hand leads us on towards a narrative that increases in volume and intensity as it progresses, but never loses its overall integrity as a composition, the electronic nuances within this crafted creation are something to completely enjoy, and is with ease one of the most up-tempo offerings from the release.

A horse of a completely different colour can be found on Diving, a track that contains a mixture of fun electronica and even a little experimental Jazz, the tones and vibrations of this song are like the sun poking its head out of the clouds of a grey rainy day; as a composition goes, this one just made me smile, and that’s a good thing believe me.

This next song had one of my favourite titles of the year to it and called Follow Me In The Rainbow Haze, this carefree opus drifted around our oasis of sound like an expectant early summer wind, a track filled with unbridled energy and excitement, while our penultimate offering entitled Unveiling That Cosmic Love Wave, had a far more cosmic feel to its overall musical narrative, whilst also taking the award for being the longest track off the album at just over 10 minutes in duration, this must be one of the most inventive pieces that the artist has ever created, as on its conclusion we seem to have gone from Vangelis to Phillip Glass on a true roller coaster ride of musical wonderment.

The final parting gift is entitled Culmination Is Transient, there is an anthem styled mood to this last composition that is so appealing, it is almost like the entire project is being wrapped up into one package for us to enjoy just one last time, and is both a crafted and clever way with which to leave the album.

Before Completion by Anantakara in my view is the artist’s best work to date; he has taken this opportunity and manifested an album that in my view will be a land mark release. Before Completion by Anantakara is 11 tracks of sheer genius, this is one man manifesting utterly brilliant and artistic electronic music which should indeed be open to all who care to listen, and with ease a much sought out release by any electronic aficionados the globe over. 

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