Friday, March 10, 2023

Requiem By Orchestra Indigo




Orchestra Indigo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The art in creating a really good album is the manifestation of a truly wondrous beginning to it, I mean we all have to start somewhere, so why not make that somewhere the best you possibly can, that is exactly what Orchestra Indigo has done on this their latest release Requiem, and in doing so, have set the scene for the remainder of the album, one that should be classed as their best work thus far, and a shining example of utterly brilliant instrumental music.

The sublime quality of our opening track entitled Introit paints such a lush picture of colour, technique and beauty, that it draws us as listeners into the project with a willing ease. While the gentle refrain and keyboards of Kyrie draw a wonderful sense of warmth into the proceedings, a track that for me illustrates the very emergence of a newly born day.

I would say that this album has been one of the most artistic I have heard from this genre in quite a while, tracks like the haunting darkness of Lacrimosa or perhaps the uplifting narrative of Sanctus, are but two very excellent examples of this statement, and then mix that with the sublime cadence brought to my ears via the track Lux Aeterna, and you have a release of utter quality that will remain as one of those albums that will never fade over the decades.

We even find a little neo-classical magic built into the weave through the composition In Paradisium, and a conclusion to the album that is so meaningful and breath taking in the arrangement of Libra Me, here ends a superb album and with one of the most classy creations upon it, a bell chimes, the last breath of a day is done, and a reflective powerful opus concludes a truly masterful album indeed.

Here is a release born out of a time when the world stopped due to a global pandemic, here lays some of the finest compositions known to instrumental music in the year 2023, as now we leave that time behind. Heartfelt, empowering and emotive are but three words that for me sum up the genius of Requiem by Orchestra Indigo, this new release is one of those albums that you’re going to want on every device you have, as it is without doubt an offering you always want by your side, just to remind you that betters days are ahead, or in Latin meliora dies praemisit.

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