Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Fireflies at Dusk By Louis Colaiannia


Fireflies at Dusk


Louis Colaiannia

Written By

Steve Sheppard


Louis has been in a fluent mood lately, this decade has been abundant for him musically, today we have the pleasure of listening to his latest single Fireflies at Dusk, an exciting journey of resonating solo piano.

I have only once been fortunate enough to witness the beauty of the firefly, they are such delicate, tender little creatures of great energy and colour, and this was depicted so artfully by the pianist in this song, it thrilled my heart to hear it.

Colaiannia is such a master at piano composition that his presentation here on this new single was utterly picturesque, absolutely redolent of the subject matter, and beautiful in texture and tone, a masterful new offering indeed from the artist, and a sure fire hit if I have ever heard one.

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