Thursday, March 30, 2023

If We Should Meet Again By Heidi Breyer


If We Should Meet Again


Heidi Breyer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There are three words that strike me as relevant for this brand new single by Heidi Breyer entitled If We should Meet Again, deep, heart-felt and moving, Heidi’s skill set is to literally paint emotions with her piano, and she does it so well.

This resounding opus of truth is played by the heart to the heart from Breyer; her presentation creates ripples of honesty with each note caressed. One must also state that it is utterly glorious to see a solo piano single of a decent length at well over 5 minutes, instead of the usual 90 seconds of rapid fire creations; the result here is that the listener truthfully has plenty of time to actually enjoy the music.

If We Should Meet Again by Heidi Breyer maybe her only second outing within the ever growing singles market and it won’t be her last, but this offering comes from a seasoned classy composer of quite brilliant melodies and arrangements, so we are simply destined to be enthralled with this new offering, and what delights that may come next.

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