Thursday, March 23, 2023

Arômes de jazz By Marc-André Pépin


Arômes de jazz


Marc-André Pépin

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Marc Andre Pepin has a brand new album out called Arômes de jazz and today we are going to take a look at three tracks from the album in a lot more depth; firstly we start with Farniente ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

The piece flows beautifully and has a mood about its construction that reminds me of Ravels Bolero with its 4 beats, to enjoy the artist as a composer here rather than as a pianist is something quite special, and his artistic interpretation on this piece is truly laid back and very easy on the ears, this is music to drift down the stream to on a glorious August afternoon.

This is indeed one of this albums that is impossible not to like, it brings cheer to even the most dowdy of days, and on Carrousel ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra, you will find a composition that manifests a sun kissed reverie of an arrangement, one could easily be at an amusement park in high summer here gazing at the crowds of happy cheerful children at play, the strings were simply delightful and an integral part of the composition.

Our final track to gaze lovingly at will be Pavane for a Nice End of Day  ft Budapest Scoring Orchestra, this for me summed up the entire day we have just had with the artist in this wonderfully cheer filled album. This is cinematic in quality and draws a symphonic narrative of the day ending, one that will be remembered lovingly for years to come, this is one of those glorious pieces with such pomp and circumstance that you never want it to end.

Arômes de jazz by Marc-André Pépin is a splendid new album that you should really check out before summer arrives, and I hope my description of three tracks from it will see you adding this glistening new creation to you global playlists as soon as possible.

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