Thursday, March 9, 2023

Ad Astra By Oz Nelson


Ad Astra


Oz Nelson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Space styled music seems to be making a huge come back these days, perhaps our trips to the Moon and Mars have been somewhat of an inspiration, and Oz Nelson long-time friend of One World Music Radio, has now recorded and released a superb new album reflecting his feelings and thoughts on the subject matter, and done it in a way that is creative, crafted and extremely exciting.

Ad Astra is this brave new world of electronic music for the artist, and it is an effervescent journey, very much like the bouncy addictive first piece from the release entitled Stratosphere, a wonderful mixture of electronic mastery meets rock in a glorious stylish opening.

This seven piece album is full of wonder and expectation, and songs like the mysterious Echoes are a fine example of that aforementioned statement, a gentle piece indeed, but one that floats around you with its in obtrusive keyboard structures, in a wonder world of ambient pleasure.

There is really much to enjoy on Ad Astra, for me tracks like Deep Space with its explorative arrangement and percussive beats engaged my attention, and this artistic keyboard structured composition, mixed with voices both ethereal and technical, were a tapestry of cleverness that had me rooted; this is utterly amazing soundtrack music from the maestro.

The penultimate offering is entitled Infinity and calmly leads us with self-confidence towards the last portal of the album which is called Aphelion, this concluding piece was a perfect composition with which to leave the album with, a mixture of a smart performance on keyboards, a textured layer of electronica, (think artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Geigertek) and even a slight dance styled motif could be found on this most stylish ending opus.

Ad Astra by Oz Nelson has to be the highlight of the artist’s career to date, here is an album that shines like the sun, and radiates an exciting journey of space styled electronic music for the listener to absolutely revel in. Ad Astra by Oz Nelson, is a vibrant new album filled to the brim with energy, colour and a whole tapestry of musical textures, it’s simply a release too good to miss.

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