Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Small Planet Big World By George Pendred


Small Planet Big World


George Pendred

Written by

Steve Sheppard


George Pendred has been making his way slowly through the ranks of flute performers, and with the creation of his latest album entitled Small Planet Big World, we may just have seen the best work from the artist thus far. This is a veritable journey of sight and sound with the musician, and one we are very willing to take.

This voyage of textures and colours starts with the track Kaleidoscope; the mechanical energies of this song give us the mood of the subject matter, a fine sunny light-hearted flute melody indeed.

Being a bit of a jazz fan, even I am catered for within tracks like Solstice Samba, its rhythmic patterns and delicate percussion lead us to a dancing flute that spreads seeds of a sun kissed reverie upon all who listen.

There is much to enjoy on this 9 track album including the reggae sounds of Lemurs of Lemuria, a wonderfully produced Jamaican vibe can be found here, or one could try the long form magic of tracks like Akebono Improvisation, where the flute of Pendred drifts over hills and vales, entwining with some wonderful synths along the way, bringing us not only the longest piece off the album at just over 10 minutes, but also the most mysterious and compelling.

Another fine example of George’s excellent performance and production skills is this next piece, nestled deep within the weave of the album and entitled Dancing Universe, this vibrant dance styled opus is a clever creation, containing both elements of Native America and a modern western styled arrangement.

The concept of Small Planet Big World is wrapped up perfectly by the presentation of the last offering on the album entitled Zuni Sunset, this would turn out to be my personal favourite from the release, for me it contained great colour and mood, enhanced by natural sounds, and a sublime heart felt performance on flute by Pendred.

Small Planet Big World by George Pendred is a cheer filled release containing some wonderful presentations and performances, this will be an album sought after by many who simply adore listening to flute music with added instrumentation. On this album the artist lifts our day, with a flute based journey of positivity and cheer, and that cannot be a bad thing in this day and age can it?

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