Thursday, March 16, 2023

Dolphin Moon By Andy Rogers


Dolphin Moon


Andy Rogers

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a world where nature reigns supreme, it’s comforting waves wash over us like a warm blanket from a child’s bed, where the sun shines happily, and gentle warming showers fall to the ground in a cadence of beauty as never seen before, rainbows glisten on a hillside of some far and distant land, and all is calm, this is an Andy Rogers album, and we’re privileged today to be able to sojourn on another musical voyage with this artist, in this his latest album Dolphin Moon.

This nine track soothing extravaganza starts with the perfect beginning in An Ocean Full of Blue Light.  The smoothness of this track draws a picture perfect narrative of the albums exploratory nature within the realm of Dolphins, and Rogers does it so very wonderfully indeed.

There is much to enjoy on this sublime album, flowing pastiches of colour and textures from pieces like Underwater Sunlight, a literal underwater musical experience, where the keyboards manifest a mood in between the reefs and corals, and done so in such an interactive way, or Caves and Waves, a meditative journey where we can make our way across the warming sands of the beach, and into the mysterious caves of time worn rock and crystals, the presentation here is so blissful you really won’t want to leave.

I’m lucky enough to live in a part of the globe where Dolphins swim safely and freely, where each and every sunset is its own art form, and this for me Rogers executed perfectly on Cetacean Sunset, a piece with such a graceful melody, something the artist has become well known for, and we can then conclude the journey with a track entitled The Boat Ride - Dolphin Spotting, a song that reminded me greatly of one of my own in St Georges Island, but utilising a percussive beat and adding a joyous rhythm to the proceedings.

All in all Andy Rogers should be proud of this release on MG Records as Dolphin Moon is a glorious new age styled collection of soothing creations and arrangements, I am a big fan of his manifestations, as he speaks to the nature boy inside me, so there can be no doubt that Dolphin Moon by Andy Rogers is going to be a massive hit with fans worldwide and on the album charts, and it’s also very nice to once again see an album about Dolphins, they have been sorely missed.

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