Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Colors Of Life By Robin Gentlewolf


Colors Of Life


Robin Gentlewolf

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It was so great to see Robin Gentlewolf release her first solo album entitled Colors Of Life, and this rich friendly release will soon wing its way into the hearts of minds of all good music seekers, and of course the legions of flute lovers across the world, as this is a breathtakingly fantastic new album.

All sublime musical journeys start with a fluent and lively opening creation, and here Robin does just that with the assistance of guitarist Keith Summers, the track in question is the opener Daylight Dreaming, a duet of sun kissed proportions.

Colors Of Life is the title track that holds much lightness and beauty, the performance here is akin to the sun sparkling on the soft palate of an autumn lake, this is perfect depiction of all of the textures and fibres that go to make up this magical moment we call life.

The depths of Dawning of a New Day has a mood that paints a somewhat unsure picture of the future, but come what may, this is an opportunity to be taken and there is a powerful sense of determination within this song that is so rich and meaningful.

This 10 track collection of quality compositions is packed with musical voyages of all kinds, for example Snowbirds Dance slows the pace, adds a little reflection, and the hovering performance on flute even draws a cold grey winter narrative over a beautiful flute presentation. Then you are blessed with pieces like Wolf Moon a duet with Jan Michael Looking Wolf, here the partnership of perfection gift us with a totally moody manifestation, one that draws from the very energy of the great teacher, the Wolf itself, this would also be one of my personal favourites from the album.

There are plenty of opportunities on this release to diverge into new realms; Robin does this wonderfully on Mystic Moonlight, a duet with Lori Sandall, a heartfelt arrangement bathed in the mirrored pool of reflection, and caressed with a lush silver energy can be found here.

It’s time to take a ride on the Sliver Highway and here Gentlewolf brings a somewhat reflective energy into the proceedings, but one that flows like the road ahead itself.

I used to run through beautiful lavender fields when I was a young boy, and then lay in the summer sun and have those Sweet Lavender Dreams; I felt deeply emotional whilst listening to this song, memories have a way of doing that I guess, and the usage of classy minor refrains on guitar, partnered with an emotive flute performance, made this one for me, the stand out track off the album.

The penultimate offering on the album comes courtesy of the longest track off it in the guise of Wildflowers and Butterflies at just shy of six and a half minutes, this is a dreamy performance, one that could see the artist sitting in nature with her flute playing to all creatures, great or small.

One has to applaud the artist for concluding the album with such a cheery track in Spicy Pumpkin Chai, this is a gloriously happy refrain with which to part ways with the album, and bring to a close a quite fine debut solo collection of classy creations for the artist.

Colors of Life by Robin Gentlewolf is a release that walks the listener through moods, emotions and tales of time and timbre, it is a truly open and heartfelt first solo offering, and one Robin should be incredibly proud of. This is one of those albums that would be all too easy to leave on repeat, whilst sitting and watching the day unfurl. Flute fans worldwide are on notice, this is one album you should really have within your collections at all costs.

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