Thursday, March 16, 2023

Echoes of Peace By Ryan Judd


Echoes of Peace


Ryan Judd

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Ryan Judd is fast becoming one of the best known ambient styled guitar players of his day, each of his creations manifest an energy of calm serenity around the listener, this releases stress and promotes healing, and that cannot be a bad thing. Here on his latest album Echoes Of Peace that wonderful theme is continued, and its flow drifts out to a desperate waiting world with a tender caress.

The opening piece is a true example of Judd’s peaceful progression, the title Blue Sky Within is one of the most relaxing opuses I have heard for quite some time, and its tranquil timbre reminds me of days when silence was so beautiful and much welcomed, a composition between time and tide itself.

There is a different vibrancy on the piece Searching the Depths one that is totally fascinating, a soft synth pad floats in the background, whilst the architect manifests an ambience and tone that one would associate with an artist like electronic supremo Kevin Kendle.

Darkness to Light is a well of calm, here Ryan places the emphasis on reflective healing, and with the chords and that minor nature, pulls off one of the best compositions of his career, I cannot emphasise just how good this track is, the layers of intent swallow up miles of emotion, and the listener can emerge from the depths of darkness, and swim into the warm and cleansing light above.

Echoes of Peace is a 10 track album, one that contains a thoroughly peace filled vibe at all times and begs to be left on repeat, tracks like Into the Mist manifest a world to simply float off into, the performance on this track alone is sublime and deeply tender with every note played.

Nightingale is our half way marker, it is also a picture book performance, as each note and string is played with a precision akin to guitarists like Vin Downes or Joseph Sullinger, each great at what they do, but here Judd has manifested a land for himself, a world of ambient chill.

Ryan’s skill set is enhanced by the fact that his intent within each song is always set for the highest purpose of each and every listener, fine examples of this can be found on songs like The Lost Summer (Ethereal Version), a track that reminds me of days gone, when life appeared to be much simpler, the harmonics here were delightful, or the track Moments of Clarity, a clever piece indeed, and one that perhaps reflects a light bulb moment or two that we all have from time to time.

As we drift further on down the river of tranquillity, we come across a lush tapestry of sensitivity called Never to Return (Celestial Guitar).  Here you will find a meaningful presentation, one that contains a positivity that only onward efforts are needed now, perhaps lessons have been learned; this track has such a delicate flow and fluency, it could easily be a classical offering.

The penultimate offering off the album is called Choosing Us, one can feel a reassuring arm around the shoulder energy here, and that is truly a happy thing, the gentle notes guide us home, and the mood created is akin to sitting with a warm mug of chicken soup, by a crackling fire.

Time has turned the pages of musical reality, and as such we now drift into the arms of the last track off this quite textured album, this parting gift is called Hearts Entwined (Ethereal Guitar). This last present from Judd is a loving composition indeed, one full of contentment and tenderness and a wonderful artistic point of departure too.

Echoes of Peace by Ryan Judd has to be the artists best work so far, his patience to get things just right, and its overall victorious outcome must make the musician very proud indeed, this is a classy album packed with soothing acoustic guitar compositions, and each and every one of them is a blissful slice of heaven, one much needed in a terribly fearful world, an absolute must buy release with ease lays here just waiting for you to embrace it.

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