Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ground Zero BY Filolari


Ground Zero



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Solo Piano must be one of the most abundant genres around in this day and age, and as an artist you really need to create something quite magical to stand out, on Ground Zero, I truly believe that the artist Filolari has done just that, on this his brand new single.

This powerful and persuasive composition touches the hem of the classical at times, but its fluency and textures are something that sets it apart from the simply technical, here Filolari sets his sights on excellence and succeeds, with a performance that is both passionate and emotive.

The adjustments of tempo and intensity were extremely palpable, and this was indeed a composition that you never wanted to end, but this masterful presentation by the pianist had us hanging on the edge of our seats with a wonderfully exciting presentation, and as such I feel this is an arrangement that will have a colourful run on the singles charts with great ease.

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