Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wind Medicine By Silvia Blaser


Wind Medicine


Silvia Blaser

Written By

Chrissie Sheppard


I was really excited to be given the opportunity to write about this latest release entitled Wind Medicine the new release from Silvia Blaser. I have only known Silvia’s music for a few months now, but I know we can be guaranteed a fantastic journey through nature with the wonderful sound of her flute leading the way.

In The Deep starts our journey, the sound of waves and a hovering synth really set the scene perfectly, then the flute enters to take you by the hand and lead you forever onwards, taking you safely deep within yourself, allowing you to feel safe and healing on a deep level to start working.

The length of each track on the album varies in length from just under 6 minutes to just over 10, and all are a discovery of sound, where the flute always takes centre stage, with synths providing the mood, the hovering intention, but never overpowering the flute. Each track allows you to submerge yourself completely in the music, where time has no meaning or need at all.

I love the way Blaser utilises the use of natural sounds within the arrangement Forest Talk, the sound of rain as a thunderstorm passes over us, the conversation between the 2 flutes is so easy to listen to, but what do they say? I will let you decide.

The natural breath sounds in Inner Path and Sacred Breath, open these 2 pieces so perfectly, reminding us to stop and breath, take in that deep breath, and pause before letting it go, allowing us to unwind and relax.

The natural sounds are emphasised further on the closing track Dawn Chorus, as the bird song is constant throughout the composition, and brings us to a gentle conclusion to what has been a delightful journey of sound.

This is an release I could easily use in my meditations, as therapy album or when I simply want to escape from the world and bring myself to a place of peace and tranquillity. Wind Medicine by Silvia Blaser is an album that she should be very proud of, and I am sure will be adored by anyone that listens to it.


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  1. Overwhelmed and very honored. Thanks for this wonderful Review, it's really nice for my humble Album :-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    In Song&Spirit