Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Love is my Religion By Anita Lerche


Love is my Religion


Anita Lerche

Written by

Steve Sheppard


From the very opening track I could feel the positivity that would pour from this album by Anita Lerche and entitled Love Is My Religion, her honest and open approach to song creation will be much appreciated by all who listen, as will her charm filled vocals, and the multi-instrumental approach contained within.

The opening piece is the perfect place to start and it is one of the nicest beginning compositions I have heard for a while. As we listen to Follow Your Heart, the slight folk ethic is beautifully textured, and the piano and guitar work in a splendid harmonic convergence, one can hear the range and fluency of Lerche vocals on this piece too.

One Life starts with a warm acoustic segment, perhaps this could also be an anthem for our lives, and again perhaps we should not being afraid to make mistakes, as this is where lessons should be learned from. The guitar on this piece is some of the most descriptive and lush I have heard this year, and let’s not forget that rhythmic bass as well.

We now move on to a track entitled I See the Light, the vocals and smooth voice of Lerche are so beautiful here, the strings sections within this track are cleverly layered to create a deeper sense of the colourful tapestry of tone we are experiencing. The song itself is refreshing and uplifting especially in its narrative of positivity.

I must admit my favourite track is up next and of course it is the title composition Love Is My Religion. The eastern ethic is strong in this piece and I must also state that I completely agree with the artist’s words and lyrics as Love Is My Religion too, but added to that I am referring to unconditional love, it is the only real love. This is a song of truly high quality, and in fact if you could listen to a Diamond, this could sum up the experience, multi-faceted and sparkling, but each and every glimmer is an open doorway of utter and crafted beauty.

The Danish born singer songwriter is a class act indeed, she gifts us a penultimate offering now that exemplifies that even more, with the track Grab the Moment, a wonderfully performed piece that has a sumptuous vocal performance contained within, and of course she is right, grab the moment, the now is all you will ever have. Listen also to the clever elevation build, progression and conclusion within this song; it is utterly artistic and well crafted.

Our last composition is called Let Go, and is something I have personally been doing a lot of lately, but the freedom and happiness that follows are all well worth it. This is the perfect concluding arrangement, leave the listener wanting more, but in total peace and happiness, and filled with a positivity to set them up for success, a beautiful song, well performed indeed.

We must give a hats off also to the team that made this possible, from the fantastic Indian instrumentation of Mohit Kashyap, Subhash Kali and Satwinder Pal Singh, the cellist Simone Vitucci and the ever golden Jim Kimo West, who performs on several instruments, kudos to you all.

Love is my Religion by Anita Lerche is one of those albums that you will be grateful to have in your collection, it is a blissful compilation of positivity, honesty and love, sung with such a textured vocal quality, and produced and performed in a colourful multi-instrumental style, how could one not adore an album of this quality and called, Love is my Religion by Anita Lerche.

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