Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Time to Chill By Craigology


A Time to Chill



Written by

Steve Sheppard


There should always be time to chill, and this latest release by the artist Craigology is the perfect tool with which to do that with, filled with exciting beats, but calmed with a sublime touch of serenity and sublime artistry.

A Time to Chill is a 5 piece release that would fit nicely into several genres, but opens its doorways for me to be a really good chill-out offering, with a smattering of a little Jazz thrown into the mix, this can be found on the opener entitled The View: Nature's Beauty. Natural sounds open the window of a crafted performance, where smooth synths create a bridge to an undeniable percussive beat.

The flow from one track to another is seamless, and the more Jazzy elements can be found on this next arrangement entitled Mr. Picnic Basket, again a clever track, one that contains a little funky flavour within the weave as well.

Water Bed caress our minds now, a sun kissed piece that is perfect for any summer beach moment. The beat and keyboards create an interesting juxtaposition of tone and interplay, in what I believe to be a truly clever mix of electronic music and keyboards, under a bed of smooth Jazzy beats.

The penultimate track off the album is a classic chill-out composition, with a layered backing vocal and an intricate percussive beat, Hiker's Dream, has a crafted sense of an onward movement built into the construction of the piece, but for me, this was one of the most artistic performances from the album, and one that I shall personally visit again.

We now conclude our visit with the last piece off the release, it is called Comfort Zone, a totally unique blend of new age reggae could possibly be found here, heavy on the bass and a deliciously enticing drumbeat; this is one of those songs that becomes so utterly addictive to listen to, and with that being said, a very classy way to end the project.

A Time to Chill by Craigology is a truly fascinating release, filled with rich textures and colours, fluent tones and sounds, it is a compilation of songs that will find their way into the hearts and minds of all who listen to it, and it will then refuse to leave, its qualities and depths bring the listener something new fresh and very chilled, with every second played.

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