Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Looking for the Timeless By Tom Moore & Tim Sadow


Looking for the Timeless


Tom Moore & Tim Sadow

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is much to be enjoyed by listening to an album by Tom Moore and Tim Sadow, my last outing with the duo brought me Peace in Every Moment, and a tranquillity that was sublime, now on this new offering entitled Looking for the Timeless, we are off on another sojourn of ambient brilliance once again.

Our journey starts with the expansive realm of the opening piece A Road to the Miraculous, a composition so fluent and translucent, with the main highlights for me being the delightful symbiotic dance given by the guitars of Moore and the violin of Sadow, in a wonderful presentation by the artists to get us underway.

Ones emotive senses will be peaked by this next offering entitled Listen to Your Heart, the 5 string violin of Sadow manifests a place that exists in the eyes of the romantics, and perhaps the poetry of Keats or Wordsworth. The back drop of harmonious tone is bliss in compositional cleverness, allowing the violin to manifest utter magic as it plays, “Oh sweet refrains, Oh sweet rain, ones that fall from the sky with such a delicate bliss, and drop upon a face of such a mild tenderness, to paint a new smile of love upon the day, with one simple kindly kiss” Yes, the most inspirational song I have heard for such a long time.

If you ever wished to hear a fine example of musical ambience then this next offering from the artists would be one that I could point your way, it is called The Pause Between Moments and carries the hovering intensity with an ease of a slow moving estuary, in fact this idyllic piece would best be listened to in nature, and perhaps next to a slow moving river and a peaceful natural landscape, this is the apex of all that is good in ambient music.

Our next piece, Mirage, is a vast open wide oasis of a composition, the eastern ethic is strong and its refrains suit my current location perfectly, as from my window I can see the shimmering sun batter the coast line, and the sky fills with sand from the Sahara. The added percussion and the bass here were creators of musical depth, whilst the violin of Sadow danced with the sand devils and coalesced with the heat of the day.

As we move ever onward and into the second half of the album we come across a deep composition entitled Out of the Shadows, the performance from Moore on guitars and keyboards here, really set the scene for me and manifested a moody tapestry of tone that was utterly addictive.

Gravity Free is a clever piece; I adored the delicate synths that built upon waves of hovering energy, to manifest for us a track that lifted my senses and increased my awareness. The floating and effortlessness of this song was quite moving in parts, and also incredibly ambient to behold, the perfect piece for a meditational moment perhaps?

We are spoilt for choice on this album as each and every arrangement has been tailored perfectly to garner the best experience possible for the listener. Here we have an almost classic new age styled offering that allows us to scan across the decades, and enjoy the musical journey that got us here. Reflections of the Timeless is a track that is a reflection of a musical narrative that combines age, knowledge, and a skill set so meaningful, yet so vast.

So, our time with Tom Moore and Tim Sadow draws to a close, but not without one more outstanding track and this one is called Timeless Beauty. If there was any doubt that this is a partnership of musical platitude, then this track will prove above all that we are witnessing genius in motion here, to end with a track of such class is a testament to the crafted performances of both artists, this is another sublime moment of musical emotion on offer, and the best way with which to conclude the album without doubt.

Looking for the Timeless by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow has to be the finest work that the duo has created thus far, an album of eight tracks, all of which are to be recommended, in fact it would be easier to leave the album on repeat for several hours, it will calm your soul and ease your furrowed brow easily.

Looking for the Timeless by Tom Moore & Tim Sadow is an album to be recommended at all costs, as it is one of the finest examples of instrumental music that I have heard for many years.

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