Friday, August 27, 2021

Water to Land By Chris Haugen


Water to Land


Chris Haugen

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Chris Haugen is one of those guitarists that you could listen to for hours and never tire of the experience. I am therefore most grateful that Chris has released a new song for the Myndstream Summer Flights project entitled Water to Land.

Haugen has such a wonderfully warm performance skill, his guitar is some of the most fluent your likely to hear, and listening to this presentation of Water  to Land is indeed like sitting in a safe harbour and watching the tide slowly recede to reveal the foreshore.

The chimes and gentle backdrop of sound only goes to enhance this offerings overall energy of serenity and calm fullness, and must make this one of the most relaxing guitar based arrangements I have heard for quite some time. Full marks Chris Haugen, this is musical tranquillity in motion.


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