Friday, September 23, 2022

Standing in Motion By Holland Phillips


Standing in Motion


Holland Phillips

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Holland Phillips is without doubt one of the leading composers in the contemporary instrumental field, in this ever changing and unpredictable 21st century. I would go as far as to state that the artists compositions and creations have been one of my inspirations in my own musical manifestations, and here on Standing In Motion we take another voyage through the heart and mind of the artist.

From the first play and onward I would say that this was easily the most melodic album that Holland has ever produced, the opener and title track Standing In Motion, and the subsequent piece Finding Solace, are but two fine examples of the genius of a Holland Phillips creation, both tracks are blissfully reflective, and as always, dancing with those delicious minor and major chords.

This new release is a step forward for the artist as he touches the energies of emotion and tenderness like never before, try the sensitive refrains of Matters of the Heart, as a track that will truly move you, or the added percussive beat of a piece like Hours Until Dawn, a song that has so many textures and moods contained within.

Standing in Motion by Holland Phillips is a 10 track album that contains something for just about everyone, like the electronic nuances of Trail of the Pixies, or the moving ballad entitled Reasons to Dream, a song where the heart and soul combine to bring us utter keyboard based instrumental magic.

This is an album that will walk you hand in hand to its conclusion, that last piece is At the Close, a track that draws to the end another wonderful sojourn of quality from Holland Phillips.

Standing in Motion by Holland Phillips is a quality album of sublime mood and feeling; here the artist has really drawn a wonderfully consistent musical narrative from his emotive muse, and in doing so has manifested an album that you would be most remiss in not adding to your ever growing collection of good music, because here on Standing in Motion, is one of the finest examples of fluent heart felt contemporary instrumental music around today.

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