Thursday, September 8, 2022

Critical Moments by Forrest Smithson


Critical Moments


Forrest Smithson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Forrest Smithson may normally be better known for his works of sheer genius on synths and keyboards, those delightfully memorable layered moments that drift across the horizon of time, however here on this brand new release we have Smithson in Solo Piano mode, and what a resonating delight it truly is.

An amazing vast body of 20 tracks lays within this new release and some of the work so ambient that it actually manifests a whole new realm of music entirely; examples of this new found brilliance can be found on the opening offerings Inlays and Array, both pieces swirl within a dimension so peace filled and calm.

This style of solo piano is so creative, my musical internet friend of some 16 years in Michael Harrison creates a similar vibe, but here Smithson brings us track after track of pure artistic craft on offerings like the dream filled reveries of Entry, and the title track itself Critical Moment, a header that is so rich in its ambience that it’s literally transfixing.

We can be relieved that we have 20 compositions here to enjoy, each one a rock pool in its own universal dimension, tracks like Abundance, with its careful delicate and pristine progression, and another favourite of mine in Faithfully, a piece that almost asks an unknown question, and leaves room for an equally unknown response, a truly magnificent performance can be found here.

Drifting in a reverie of serenity we find a track entitled Wondering, a track that does exactly what it says on the can, I can see myself walking the coastlines in winter, in a land void of humanity, and being in absolute bliss with the emptiness, and this most descriptive music.

The album is concludes with an arrangement entitled Just Enough, Smithson leaves us with easily the most gentle and calming composition from the release, and a thoroughly pleasing way with which to conclude this voyage through musical ambience with.

Critical Moments by Forrest Smithson could well be some of the finest work by the artist thus far; he has taken a side step away from the more electronic natural nature of his musical muse, and opened up a whole world of sublime solo piano pieces on this 20 track creation. Critical Moments by Forrest Smithson is with ease the best ambient piano album I have heard for years, it is expression in full motion, an artistic delight of many textures and colours, this album is a true sanctuary of the soul.

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