Tuesday, September 6, 2022

LOVE... Harp to Heart by Denise Fink


LOVE... Harp to Heart


Denise Fink

Written by

Steve Sheppard


In my view the harp is a much underused instrument, but lately I have been seeing a slow move towards this utterly beautiful artistic tool, and an album that gives us 8 cover songs to enjoy on it, will certainly help the revival of one of the most beautiful instruments of all time.

LOVE... Harp to Heart by Denise Fink takes us on a memorable journey with the contents of its instrumental dimension, and starts with the track Love Me by Yiruma, an uplifting imploring piece that Fink draws ever upwards with her sparkling performance on harp, and then offerings like When You Believe, performed once by Witney Houston and Mariah Carey back in ‘98 would prove to be one of the most powerful pieces off the album, hats off to not only Fink but to the vocals of Trez Gregory, who will appear on this album several times on tracks like Blessings and the quite breath taking Hallelujah, a song that has been manifested with such texture and tone from both Fink and Gregory together.

LOVE... Harp to Heart by Denise Fink is an eight track album that explores great musical narratives of the past, and offers up her own perspectives on them, for example listen to the crafted skill set of the artist on one of my favourite tracks off the album entitled A Whole New World, and if I remember correctly from Aladdin, such flourish and such panache, and wonderfully magical.

The album concludes with the piece Seal Lullaby, originally penned by a Facebook friend of mine in Eric Whitacre, Finks version here is sublime arrangement, the choral vocalisations utterly charming and the whole flow of the piece makes this for me my personal beloved creation from the album, and with ease a truly clever track to conclude it with as well.

LOVE... Harp to Heart by Denise Fink is an album that will stand out from the throng; it is a release that is fresh, innovative and memorable. Finks exploration into these moments of creative genius is an example of just how truly beautiful the harp can be, and showcases the artist with all the bells and whistles you can muster.

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