Monday, September 12, 2022

Piano Perspectives by CrusaderBeach


Piano Perspectives



Written by

Steve Sheppard


This brand new album by CrusaderBeach is certainly one to ear mark for a listen, this is a crafted new release by the artist, and one that deserves a big thumbs up. Piano Perspectives is well named, and I for one found the whole experience both illuminating and deeply satisfying.

The opening piece Nightfalling, started my voyage of plenty with a beginning that was totally unexpected, a blissful use of the minor nature of music, and a performance on piano that I truthfully listened to five times in a row, because I was so in rapture with the piece.

This glorious 10 track solo piano release has it all, the dance liked structures of the flowing Bittersweet, the cautious and breath taking beauty of Afterglow, and the my favourite CrusaderBeach track of all time River Drift, a track that presents both memory movement and colour in such a sublime way, it is no wonder that this classy performance was a successful hit single.

One can find a world for all within this delightfully created collection of creative compositions, an example of which would be the soft tones of a heart-felt piece now known to us as Angels Dream, while around the corner we can find more heaven waiting in the piece Open Road, a penultimate track with power and freedom as its keywords, this is a presentation that is a picturesque narrative of great quality.

The artist finishes with a pristine performance entitled Hearts Cascade, a track solidly in the realm of what is described as New Age Piano, here the pianist creates a picture book narrative in a piece that oozes honesty love and truth, and as such, simply the perfect way with which to conclude the album.

Piano Perspectives by CrusaderBeach is a fine body of work by the musician, it represents all that is good and comforting in the world of solo piano, and each and every musical narrative is a rock pool of its own imaginative construction. Here is an album that will fulfil the demands of the most ardent of piano music enthusiasts, but more importantly an album that is open, heart felt, and artistically intelligent enough to make this genre much more accessible to anyone who wishes to listen, a sublime release indeed.

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