Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Raindrops By Ross Mitchell




Ross Mitchell

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is a time that comes every now and then in all our lives, when we just need that little shard of serenity, that little touch of tranquillity, and that small offering of peace, and within this brand new debut album from Ross Mitchell we have just that, and ever more. Raindrops is an art form created by a wonderfully talented pianist, who will paint for us through this creation, a multitude of calming sanctuaries to relax within.

The opening offering is powerful but with a gentle start, and speaking of someone who lives near the sea, I can say without doubt that Ocean's Breath, is both picture perfect and an idyllic representation of the energies of the planets water system; a fluent, charming and multi-instrumentational narrative can be found here.

For Amina is a track released earlier on this year as a single, here lies something deep, yet passionate, a composition filled with integrity, but also one that contains light touches of great beauty and calm, I found something so very soothing within this creation.

We run out into the title track Raindrops, this is a delicious up tempo offering, and I for one will be running out into the rain to this composition in a few weeks when the season begins; a soft orchestral backdrop and a fast based performance can be found here from the artist.

On Reverie we have the complete opposite of the last track, as this piece is crafted into a tranquil oasis of sound and textures; I enjoyed bathing in its tones and floating in its heart felt notes of great quality, one that ended with a climatic, but tempered conclusion.

The penultimate offering off the album is up next and I must say it was my personal favourite from this new debut release. Rivers of Glass is the title and I thoroughly enjoyed the fluency of this arrangement. Mitchell’s thoughtful yet purposeful performance on the piano was one of the best I have heard for quite a while, this is one of those special tracks that comes along once in a life time, but thankfully never leaves.

For Amina (Wedding) is our last port of call and this symphonic arrangement is a wonderfully colourful creation indeed, the orchestration brings this performance to life, and sets a scene for the artist to lay down a sublime concluding offering, one to certainly be proud of.

Raindrops by Ross Mitchell has been for me one of the most attractive piano based albums I have had the good pleasure to listen to this year, there is much within the realms of this compilation to enjoy, and as such I can see this new debut release obtain a pretty good chart position, and also a whole heap of praise from fans peers and friends alike. 

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