Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Farewell To Memories By Orchestra Indigo


Farewell To Memories


Orchestra Indigo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


This new album by Orchestra Indigo is a beautiful musical journey through the many paths and walkways of one’s life and memories; as we crawl out of the pandemic, a situation that gave us endless hours of solitude and plenty of time for reflection, we are receiving a lot of new material inspired by those moments of lockdown, and this album is a real treat to bathe within.

Farewell To Memories by Orchestra Indigo or Rick Randlet as many may know him by, is a wonderful sojourn into the world of instrumental music by the artist. The beginning opus is the perfect place to start, as it is the glorious title track Farewell To Memories, the back drop of sound swirls around us, whilst a steady onward moment and progression on the keyboard manifests, there is also an anthem like feel to this opener that makes it even more attractive.

Upon this 12 track release we will each find our favourites, but Randlet is truly expressing himself wonderfully here, especially on pieces like A Time Of Solitude, which could easily illuminate many of our separate journey’s through the pandemic, the hovering uncertainty here created by the artist is simply awesome, and there is a mournful repose to this piece that makes it so very emotive.

Sparkling compositions can be found within the realms of this bliss filled release, like the glistening tones of Lights On A Distant Shore or perhaps Hope Eternal, an arrangement that holds a handful of anxious  moments its fingers, Randlet’s presentation here is deeply moving and very heartfelt, one can indeed visualise a fragile hope through its tentative tones.

The art in music creation, especially album compiling, is to start well and finish memorably, and always leave the listener wanting more, on the artists last and concluding piece he does just that, with one of the most amazing departures ever, One Last Look is a song that will bring tears of respect and gratitude to your eyes, it’s a wonderfully emotional piece, and yes, perhaps we can look over our shoulders at the voyage taken, and sigh with a certain relief, sheer crafted genius to end with such style and panache can be found here.

Farewell To Memories by Orchestra Indigo is one of the most delightful albums in the instrumental field I have had the pleasure of listening for quite some time, each and every composition is constructed with care and attention to detail, and as such the entire album is a flowing pastiche of colour and tone like no other, this is one incredibly beautiful album destined to bring the artist many plaudits.  

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